Nature’s Natural Remedy

It never fails. I am always so excited for fall and winter to get here…until the first day the chapped […]

The Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie CBD Cupcake Incident

Well, it’s almost Thanksgiving again. God, I love the holiday season, it really warms the cockles. This year I’ll be […]

CBD is the Recipe for Fall

YUP – made a BIG gaffe at the office today. Amidst all the Monday morning quarterbacking and mundane chatter about […]

CBD Purity & Safety

Every fall it’s the same story. Family and friends in the North brag about the majestic colored leaves, cool winds […]

CBD Resolutions

Boom – the World Series is barelyover. Football & Tailgating is in full swing. Next thing you know Thanksgiving creeps […]

Fall In To CBD Health

At CBD Hemp Wise, we believe all conditions improve when overall health is in check. Attaining balance and maintaining well-being […]

All’s Well That Ends Well

It can be a drag getting old sometimes. I mean I’m not ancient or anything (early 40s), I’ve still got […]

Independence day

The Fourth of July is once again right around the corner – parades, cookouts, fireworks and celebrating that American independence […]

Quality CBD Online


Chunky CBD Infused salsa

So the other day my significant other and I decided to head down to our local Carl’s Junior. They debuted […]


My good friend and I met up at the Park the other day. We brought our RC cars along so […]

CBD for dogs

One day I was chewing the fat with a colleague in the break room, and the subject of our dogs […]

CBD Endoca Salve

I just have to sing the praises of the Endoca Hemp Salve, which recently helped me through a difficult period. […]

CBD Botanicals

As a merchandiser for a small company, my work trips are often impromptu and unpredictable. I have to deal with […]

uncover CBD products

No worries – we uncover CBD products & reveal the full spectrum of relief available. From oil, tinctures, edibles, CBD […]

CBD Infused Honey

INFUSED for Maximum CBD Relief and Inflammation Reduction? Tasty and Legal? Guaranteed to KEEP the whole crew Sober and NOT […]

CBD–Serendipity Baby

So – a few weeks ago my crew and I bounced to my niece’s college basketball game. The first half […]

Quit smoking with CBD

I am an ex- smoker, thanks in part to CBD, this is my story. When I made up my mind […]

Spring Break Key lime Minis

They were perfect on a Road Trip to Spring Training & Survived the Cooler at Spring Break. I am always […]

The Power Of Cbd And Bioavailability

Let’s face it – we are experiencing a modern day Gold Rush…only this time CBD is the GOLD. The incredible […]

CBD Edible Options for Relaxation and Pain Relief

St. Patrick’s Day is always a fun time for us. We usually have friends over for a little nosh to […]

Top 5 cbd solutions For improving pet health and well-being

In 2017, my 10 year old dog Skip started to freak out when I Ieft him alone or tried to […]

CBDeelicious No-Bake Bites

The day after the Super Bowl, I immediately feel lost. It means football is over. No more tailgating to plan. […]

Can I Travel with CBD Products?

Well, it was bound to happen. After making an “unannounced” visit to Grandmother’s house, I caught Grandma…doing dabs with the […]

CBD is legal

IT”S ALL ABOUT THE CANNABINOIDS BABY! This hemp story begins with The Cannabinoids, a family of different plant extracts with […]

low THC content and affordability

This entry aims to summarize the literature available on cannabinoid use. I am specifically interested in the non-psychotropic drug cannabidiol […]

Can I Control Worry with CBD alone

So I thought this week was gonna be cake. My boss is OUT of town. My buddy is IN town […]


After spending WAAAY too much time this week looking for a CBDelicious Valentine gift for my Sweetest. I felt inspired […]


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