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IT”S ALL ABOUT THE CANNABINOIDS BABY! This hemp story begins with The Cannabinoids, a family of different plant extracts with a variety of uses. There are now over 110 different cannabinoids recognized and more are being isolated every day. The top 5 most identifiable (and important) to date are:


*(THC) Tetrahydrocannabinol – a psychoactive plant extract
*(CBG) Cannabigerol
*(CBN) Cannabinol
*(CBC) Cannabichromene and
*(CBD) Cannabidiol our FAVORITE cannabinoid


CBD has alleviated the agony of so many sufferers. I myself have successfully used CBD oil for C.O.P.D inflammation. Even more importantly a regular, daily CBD dosage provided a solution to my social anxiety. If it was not for CBD I would not possess the confidence or well-being necessary to manage. The dread of being engaged in conversation and relationships ruled me. My apathy to change old habits resulted in longer and longer bouts of depression.


My first introduction to CBD was eating hemp oil gummy bears. They were yummy and did calm me but I knew – I need more hempy happiness. Honestly – finding anxiety support that required very few changes on my part was very appealing. It made me feel like adding a CBD tincture or a topical treatment would be doable. Then I saw the capsules on CBDHempWise. Within 3 weeks I was taking one (1) 50mg. raw hemp oil capsule of a day. It felt like the capsule was delivering a controlled, steady dose for my brain to distribute as needed wherever relief or healing was important. But they are $130 for a 30 day supply. Ouch. Well- doesn’t matter. I felt so good I went online and ordered the next 30 days. Why not pack my lunch 4 days a week and eat out on Friday? Yup – doing it. It is worth the sacrifice.


After 1 month, I definitely started noticing changes in my disposition. I slept better and woke revved up with enthusiasm. It sounds so corny but I was convinced. My heightened awareness and success with CBD propelled me to educate my friends, family, co-workers, and even people at my church. Yesterday – I caught myself raving about using CBD tasty chews to help my dog. “He gets so nervous when I leave him”, I said loudly. Unfortunately, I was standing in line at the grocery store and no one had asked me about it. Embarrassing!!


More recently my CBD “expertise” is most often tapped to answer the same questions. Everyone wants to know:
#1 – Is CBD legal?
#2 – Will I feel out of control or get high from taking CBD?
Well, the answers are a simple YES and a NO.
YES – CBD is legal and can be mailed or shipped to all 50 states. You can buy CBD oil online and have it sent straight to your door.
NO- CBD does not contain the psycho-active agent.
No THC also means *No cotton mouth & *No munchies. Only the CBD rich part of the plant is extracted by pressing hemp stalks and hemp seeds into an all-natural, calming healing oil.
My CBD reputation (responsibility?) continues to grow. Our young neighbors; as well as the aging community that surrounds us seem ready to embrace hemp. I am not a physician. These are not medical claims – they are “man on the street” experiences with & observations of “all things CBD”.
As a blogger with CBDHempWise – I am truly excited and determined to examine viable treatment alternatives to traditional medicine and big Pharma. We continually seek credible research and already possess first-hand experiences that back the advantages of CBD use.

Many CBD assertions of success say it shows the potential to:

Mitigate anxiety
Prevent cancer cell growth
Combat depression
Mediate psychotic disorders
Prevent seizures and muscle spasms
Slow neurodegenerative disorders
Reduce inflammation

The above list is not the REST OF THE STORY. Hemp lobbyist are pushing for continued FDA trials and expedited approval of CBD (not only as a diet supplement but) as a food additive. AND – Hemp is 100% sustainable. Let’s get to that story. OK. Maybe next time.


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