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Every fall it’s the same story. Family and friends in the North brag about the majestic colored leaves, cool winds and warm recipes. Meanwhile, I am in Florida just begging to be greeted by the first cool breeze of November…and then it happened – yesterday. I opened the door and felt an invigorated breath of cold. It was a rush of cool air! It should have been expected; since daylight savings kicked in our days are shorter now. “Get out and enjoy it,” I think to myself, as I hop into the shower. Unfortunately, on the way to the shower (since I was naked) I decided to hop on the bathroom scale. Jeez, that was a bad mistake. My day was immediately side-tracked. Last week when I blogged about wanting to lose 20 lbs. – it was going to be one of my 2 New Year’s Resolutions. Now, the only way I could accept the number on that scale, was if I were a bear readying for hibernation. There is no way that waiting for New Year’s is going to work for me I thought. I’ll start losing tomorrow, I promised myself. I made a produce list while I shaved.


Once home from the market, the fruits and veggies got wiped off and stacked in a fancy bowl. As I rearranged them, I started reading the little stickers of origin. The vine ripe tomatoes & avocadoes were from Mexico. The Chiquita bananas came from Guatemala and the Beefsteak Tomato was a product of Canada. I only bought one thing that was grown in the U.S. It was a Gala apple from northern MI. It figures. With me on one side of the sink and the produce on the other, I felt worried. With so many food (beef) recalls, Hep A. and stories of food contamination; food safety and product purity are a REAL concern.


Here I am, trying to make my body healthier. How do I know who to trust? How do I really know what I am getting, whether it is my groceries or my CBD? Who can I trust for my CBD needs? These are relevant, important questions since my #2 resolution is to start daily dosing CBD oil. After finding CBD HempWise’s store in 2018, my sporadic use of CBD products has helped me overcome chronic insomnia. It’s now 18 months later and I see daily dosing of CBD as the path to attaining a higher level of well-being. Part of my decision to start a daily CBD oil routine in 2020, is based on the increased availability of CBD in my area.


My trust has always been in CBD HempWise. They have not let me down. Since safety and purity are top concerns – I appreciate their well-founded partners. It puts my mind at ease knowing that CBD Hempwise sells only products from reliable, hand-picked companies and that each product is lab tested for both purity and CERTIFIED POTENCY. The added benefit of 3rd party lab results makes me feel confident that CBD HempWise has my back.


Now if I could just source more organically grown local produce.


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    1. Thank you! Check out some of our products, and we will also be launching our very own Hempwise CBD Tincture 1450mg this coming month, stay tuned! And new blogs every Monday, Wednesday, Friday 🙂

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