Can I Control Worry with CBD alone

So I thought this week was gonna be cake. My boss is OUT of town. My buddy is IN town and I found a new CBD Chocolate Bar with Peanut Butter and Honey to bring my girl on date night. I was already starting to daydream about having a little square of chocolate with her as we watched Netflix and chilled…maybe a little popcorn, topped off with a Hemp Gummy before enjoying a full night of pain free sleep. Ahhh – the CBD zone.


That was one moment before my phone rang and I was “in-formed” that my “in-laws” (no we are not married but….same anxiety) were flying in the next day…Blah! Blah! Blah! I went from a no stress week to a what a mess streak. All it took was 1 quick call and IMMEDIATELY the panic kicked in.


“OK-Game On Bro’ -You can do this,” my mind says. The hunt for a list of “touristy” things to do starts, so does my churning gut. “Calm down” – I think to myself. Go online and find a restaurant, these folks love to eat; it’s an adventure to them. They are those LIVE TO EAT kind of people. You know those people that take pics of their food.


Damn- that tight gut has turned to sweating. Just the thought of trying to be charming and entertain out-of-towners, is too much. By now, it is undeniable. I have to take something to slow my roll and help me figure out a visiting parent plan.


Where is my Xanax script? Where is it? Whew- OK bottle was behind the floss. What? What? Empty. How could that be? When did I have them last? I have been using both CBD Gummies and Xanax to control anxiety. To make matters worse, no refills. No time to visit my primary care guy (because after holding on the phone 12 minutes waiting , I found out that as of 7/01/2018 federal law mandates an in-office Dr. visit every quarter to get your benzo scripts) and my guests will be at the airport at 10:50 tomorrow morning. Oh man… the airport. How am I gonna manage a trip to the airport? Last time we missed the exit, drove all around, parked in the blue zone instead of red and we were 35 minutes late to pick up Nana.


My only option was to piece together the CBD products in my cupboard & drawer to get relief from the on-going anxiety and ensuing insomnia. I usually take about 30mg. of CBD for a long day’s relief in hectic or rough times. There were days when I would have breakthrough anxiety and I would use a Xanax instead of raising my CBD dose. Today was NOT that day. Today I would have to try and make it on my dose of CBD. Tomorrow would be the same. Take the CBD when I wake up and try to relax. That night I rationed out 2 gummies and a CBD Softgel-that put me near 65mg. I kid you not in 45 minutes I had the support & calm I was desperately seeking. I bounced back & was out by 11pm.


When the alarm went off at 8. I had coffee, a CBD gummy and 2 softgels by 9. About 55 mg. Guess what? Worked like a charm. Won’t lie, I was worried. I carried the last tiny dose of CBD (which was a drop in an old tincture bottle) with a drop in the bottom…just in case. But, not even necessary.


Made it to the airport, through the day into dinner and even made a few people laugh. We had an interesting conversation about Xanax. Several people at the table were adamant xanies eventually fueled THEIR anxiety. I wondered if that could be affecting me. Could the benzos be exacerbating my problems with racing thoughts and worry. Can I ditch the Xanax and Can I Control Worry with CBD alone?


I am going to find out. Online research from the Netherlands seems to support statements of CBD easing withdrawal symptoms, especially insomnia. My plan is simple: Take 50 mg. of CBD at noon, every day. Then use a 15mg. softgel if necessary for breakthrough anxiety or worry. I will let you know how it goes.


Maybe this week will be cake after all.


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