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At CBD Hemp Wise, we believe all conditions improve when overall health is in check. Attaining balance and maintaining well-being can sometimes be an elusive proposition.That has turned out to be the case for both my personal journey with CBD andfor business here at CBD HempWise. What started out as a search for the highest-quality CBD oil at the best price – led to sourcing and creating our own impeccable CBD oil (HempWise CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Extract with 1450 mg). Excited by the idea of offering our CBD oil to others that wanted the opportunity to enjoy wellness; we built a business. As soon as we started the CBD HempWise, we knew we needed a larger selection of CBD products and skin care choices. That began a stringent review before selecting several CBD partners. It is important to me to have a CBD network you can trust…all in one place. That means I am not searching around when it comes time to order again. Our vendors are vetted and back all items with a guarantee of purity, and 3rd party Lab tests upon request . We like that. We also like to hear your ideas. Reader’s suggestions have already led to HempWise researching the addition of a 30-day auto-renew option.


Each staffer on the CBD HempWise team from the founder, CS reps to the bloggers; has seen healing and improvement through the daily, regimented use of CBD oil. We have lived it and we are eager to share the CBD word with others we meet in need. Sounds cliché – but IT IS our passion. Please do not get me wrong. We are making no profound claims, just blogging our experiences with CBD oil, edibles, topicals, drinks and Pet CBD. Blogging allows us to share the results of product use and provide real-time, updated feedback. It allows us to tell our own personal journeys/struggles with CBD and explore the huge industry surrounding CBD as well.


HAVING SAID ALL OF THAT…our business struggles have been great this past year. On the federal level CBD is 100% legal. It has effectively been removed from the CSA (Controlled substance Act). However the FDA (with its own leadership struggles) slowed down the process. Since CDB is sold as both a dietary supplement andfood-they had to be responsible & evaluate the science. Guess what? As of 10/09/2019CBD product labels will be held to the same standard of reporting, as all FDA approved food& drugs. That opens the door to further approvals. Now, it is just a matter of time to get the processes and protocols established.


Even the 2018 Farm Bill acknowledged that CBD (a cannabis derivative) is very low in THC. This natural, non-psychoactive hemp plant extract is legal in all 50 states. Originally, somestates dawdled in setting guidelines and seemed to pose the biggest challenges for CBD use and business growth. For months, CBD Hempwise struggled to secure and keep a merchant to handle transactions. Banks sent notices of account closures or refused to open business or commercial accounts for a CBD business. As the federal government, state agencies and the FDA lolly-gagged on delivering definitive decisions; real people, real businesses and business livelihoods were in jeopardy.The HempWise team was positive 2019 was going to get better.


Jump to November… Florida established the hoops to jump through and we did it.


WE’RE BACK BABY! Great Specials, New Products… and BEST of ALL? NEW BLOGS 🙂

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