My good friend and I met up at the Park the other day. We brought our RC cars along so we could do some racing, jumping and goofing off. That was our usual modus operandi. We would typically meet at the park every other weekend or so. This particular excursion turned traumatic. When we purchased the cars, we marveled at their modern technology; these were REAL machines. Both of us had RC cars in our youth, and we were truly amazed at how advanced the technology had become. These things were finely honed, responsive and incredibly powerful. They were built for speed and were a lot of fun.


This day, however, was anything but. It started out normally enough. We had just finished setting up some little cones and our ramp, and ran a couple cursory laps around the track. I nailed a couple awesome jumps on the ramp. My buddy had wandered over to a dirt trail located near the tree line. I lost track of him for a few minutes. There was a boat launch near where we were, so the parking lot was full of unoccupied vehicles. I was opposite the trail and therefore had to cross the lot to reach my buddy. I meandered between a couple of SUVs. As soon as I cleared them, I heard the whining of a small engine. I caught the blue streak of my buddy’s car out of my peripheral, just before it struck my leg.


I wound up with an extremely gnarly, 12 inch gash. It ran straight up the side of my lower leg. Half of the wound (where the car first contacted my leg) was a more serious abrasion with bleeding. It transitioned to a scrape that didn’t go much deeper than the epidermis and didn’t draw blood. My buddy felt extremely guilty. Accidents happen I assured him, I knew it was unintentional. He invited me over to his place a few days later. He surprised me with some Endoca Hemp Salve (750mg) and a bottle of Tasty Hemp Gummies (25mg) that he had purchased for me. After thanking him for the kind and generous gesture, I asked “is CBD hemp oil legal”? After explaining that it was, he launched into CBD hemp oil benefits. I said “how did you find out about CBD hemp oil for sale”? He said his sister told him about CBDHempWise, she told him they were where he should buy CBD oil online. They had good CBD oil that was cheap. I was full of questions. I wanted to know how to use CBD oil and all about the benefits of CBD oil.


I popped a couple gummy bears in my mouth and headed home, no worries, you don’t get “high” from CBD. By the time I arrived home I was feeling pretty laid-back. I noticed the pain in my leg was a little less prominent. The Hemp CBD oil was definitely alleviating it, I thought to myself. I applied the Endoca Hemp Salve to the portion of my wound that wasn’t open. I also applied some around the scab, where my injury was inflamed – Hemp oil CBD is an anti-inflammatory and an anti-biotic. After a few minutes I definitely noticed a reduction in the severity of my pain. The throbbing and inflammation were diminished. My friend and I are hitting the track this weekend. He told me to buckle up for full throttle racing, and to be fast or be last. I told him – I’d see him at the finish line.

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