CBD Endoca Salve

I just have to sing the praises of the Endoca Hemp Salve, which recently helped me through a difficult period. I needed something for pain, that was topical, with a fast absorption rate; fast acting. I had heard about CBD peripherally, but really didn’t know much. Was CBD hemp oil legal? I didn’t even know that. After finding out it was legal, I had to find a place with CBD oil for sale. I wanted someplace that had CBD rich hemp oil – real CBD hemp oil extract. CBD Hemp Wise has good CBD oil and cheap CBD oil; perfect combo. I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Here’s how my whole situation unfolded.


I went fly fishing with a couple of my best buds up in the mountains a few weeks back. I was on vacation, and it was awesome to be away from the daily grind of work. The great outdoors, fresh air, stunning views, stress-free and loads of fun – I was having the time of my life. Then, out of nowhere, calamity rained on my parade. Here’s how it went down: We drove our 4-wheelers from camp to the river. We kayaked from there to our “sweet spot”. We always take a section of the river where the white water isn’t too intimidating, as we’re just casual enthusiasts. After spending the day fishing and snagging some trout, we kayaked back and loaded our gear onto our ATVs. We got to camp just as it was getting dark. I was daydreaming about frying trout for dinner, as I came around a blind bend a little too fast.


I didn’t see the rut in front of me. I caught the groove just right; jerked my tires 90°. I shot off that ATV seat like a cannon. As I looked down, I could see my legs against the backdrop of the night sky (not good I thought). I was coming down headfirst. Fortunately, I impacted the ground with my shoulder, breaking my collarbone in TWO places. I say fortunately, because it could’ve been my neck. After my boys got me off that mountain, I had about six weeks of recovery looking at me.


It’s been several months since then. I’m still using the Endoca Hemp Salve. Since my collarbone broke in two places, the bone did not set optimally. The result of that is aching and inflammation. My skin just “drinks” up the salve. Within a few minutes I am experiencing pain relief, and I have experienced no CBD hemp oil side effects. The salve is very effective on my pain and reduces my inflammation. The benefits of CBD oil are amazing – I can tell you that firsthand. I also noticed an added bonus; I began to feel a reduction in my daily stress level. So – I’ve made CBD part of my daily regimen. I love the Tasty Hemp Oil Gummy Bears. I can eat them during stressful situations and experience relief within minutes. And I can control the dose depending on the stress level, which is fantastic.


People ask me, “What does CBD oil feel like”? I tell them, it is very calming, but there is no “high”. It has helped me manage anxiety and pain with zero CBD oil side effects. Folks also want to know “where can they find CBD oil for sale online”? I tell them CBD hemp Wise. It is one of the best CBD oil companies out there. A company that has cheap CBD oil of the highest quality – that’s my experience, I’m sure it will be yours as well.


Endoca – Hemp Salve 1oz (750mg CBD), Full Spectrum Hemp Extract , Pain Relief Cream for Joint Pain, Sore Muscles, Tight Neck- Relieves Stress, Anxiety

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