CBDeelicious No-Bake Bites

The day after the Super Bowl, I immediately feel lost. It means football is over. No more tailgating to plan. No getting together to watch the game. No playing CBD food challenge at half time. No more Sunday fun. It’s a little depressing.  Now Sunday seems disguised by chores and pre-anxiety about what Monday will bring. To add to it, I am a single guy so I do not benefit from a wife to share cooking or cleaning chores. That means I have been self-relegated to early spring cleaning and a few home repairs to tighten up the crib. Last night I even heard myself let out a little “Tim the Tool Man” grunt as I finished drilling some drywall- yeah it’s bad.  About that time my best buddy opened the front door and yelled, “ROAD TRIP! Pack it up dude-we’re calling in sick tomorrow and heading to Port Charlotte for some Ray’s Spring Training fun.


It felt like I was dreaming.  This guy means…pack it in. Giddy up and go! Good thing I have some clean shorts I thought. Then – out he went to gas up my wheels, drop the dog off at his Mom’s and get ice. Immediately I opened the pantry to snag some travel chow. Hmm- I had all sorts of little CBD surprises.


When he walked in the door I had the cooler filled with CBDfx Lemonade Chill Shots and plenty of water.  He tossed in the ice. “We need water to stay hydrated and the CBD lemonade to keep us calm. “Yes – let’s avoid any road rage” I laughed. PS: Sometimes that is not easy in FL during tourist season. He looked pretty happy when I tossed a zip lock bag of my CBD No-Bake Cookies in his lap. (As I remember- he ate three cookies during my Super Bowl party and proceeded to sleep in my den until his wife called…Monday morning. Maybe she’s not that uptight.) J


Our final stop before hitting the interstate was to grab a Sub and some chips. It is 99 miles to Port Charlotte. That is time to enjoy a chat, nosh on a sub, chug a CBD Lemonade and have a CBDelicious cookie or two…all before seeing our beloved Rays knock ‘em out of the park.


CBDeelicious No-Bake Bites

12 TBS. almond or nut butter

2 large or 3 small fresh dates – chopped small

6 TBS. coconut sugar

6 TBS. oats

1/8 tsp. sea salt

1/8 tsp. gr. cinnamon

1 Flax or Chia Egg (1 TBS. of GROUND chia OR flax mixed with 2-3 TBS. of water)

2 TBS. of cacao or chocolate nibs

25mg. pure CBD oil



add 1 drop of Peppermint vitality oil to CBD or try Elixinol Peppermint CBD oil drops.

In your food processor:

Add almond butter, dates, and coconut sugar and blend until combined.

Now add the oats, salt, and cinnamon and blend for a few more seconds.

Proceed – adding the flax/chia egg and the CBD oil. Blend again.

Add the cacao nibs. Pulse to combine. Form balls.

Roll into 12 bites & keep refrigerated. Do not freeze.  I have easily and successfully doubled this recipe. It made 25 little globes of CBD goodness for the Super Bowl this year. Those CBD orbs were gone by the end of the 1st quarter and man my popularity SOARED by half time. I have no idea what the shelf life is – there are never any left over.


CBDfx – Lemonade Chill Shot (20mg), Full Spectrum CBD hemp oil

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