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Boom – the World Series is barelyover. Football & Tailgating is in full swing. Next thing you know Thanksgiving creeps up and passes. Then Christmas Eve and Christmas whiz by. In the blink of an eye, it will be New Year’s Eve. To me, that signals the inside voice that says “dude, start thinking about your New Year’s RESOLUTION. You know resolutions-those positive affirmations of change you make to yourself, but rarely manage to pull off for more than a week? Well, under normal circumstances; I would never reveal my flawsresolutions to a total stranger. But, 2020 is going to be different for me. The price of CBD oil in my local (Clearwater, St. Pete, Tampa, FL area) has come down in price in the last 6 months since the supply here has increased.


Price was my last objection and my main reason for not starting and maintaining a daily, CBD oil routine. 75% of my coworkers have experienced benefits from ingesting CBD oil every day. There are 5 of us that already use either the Endoca Hemp Cream or ABINOID’S CBD Muscle Salve (nice Violet/Basil scent) for joint ache relief. Both really enhance the soothing properties of being massaged into skin. The emollient nature of both “rubs” improves skin’s texture. BUT I AM NOT LOOKING FOR MORE SMOOTH SKIN – or relief from anxiety or freedom from aches/pains. My goal is to experience a heightened sense of overall improved health and well-being. So – I am actually excited to make a resolution that I can keep. January 1st I am going to add CBD oil into my daily regime. Before I start my new CBD routine, it is gonna take some research (water cooler chat) with my homies to find out a few things like:


How do I figure out how many doses are in a 10ml bottle of 1000mg. of CBD oil?
This is how they broke it down to me. A 10-mL bottle of CBD oil has about 200 drops. So, if the bottle says it contains 1,000 mg of CBD then, each dropwill contain about 5 mg of CBD. So, to have 20 mg of that type of CBD oil, you should take four drops.
The 10ml bottle will last 25 days.


How much do I use?
This answer seems to be based on body weight, the condition you are treating and the concentration in each drop, pill, gummy or capsule. My buddies take 4 drops of oil, twice a day. The first daily dose is taken upon rising; the second before bed. This equals a 40mg. total daily dose of CBD oil.


How did they hit their “sweet spot” dose?
By trial and error (combined with the fact that they all weigh 150 to 180lbs.) this dose worked for all of them. They did start with a 30 mg. dose (3 drops in a.m. and 3 in p.m.) and went up from there to 40mg. a day. Although one guy’s girlfriend only weighs 105 and she got some stomach distress at the 40mg. dose. She currently takes 2 drops in the a.m. and 2 in the p.m. I guess you know how much is too much CBD oil, if it makes you poop. TMI?


What’s your 2020 Resolution? We’d like to hear about it. No Politics Please 🙂


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