Can I Travel with CBD Products?

Well, it was bound to happen. After making an “unannounced” visit to Grandmother’s house, I caught Grandma…doing dabs with the CBD guy from her block. Everybody knows Maury – he’s the CBD guy that consults and hooks up all the seniors in the park. On one hand it was no big deal for me to run into him. Although it was a little shocking to see him at MY Grandma’s table. On the other hand, Grandma turned pale and looked horrified when I breezed through the door. She put the dab pen down on the table & immediately began stuttering and stammering as though she was the child and I had just caught her in the act! Panicking – my poor Grandma starts to defend herself and explain over and over that CBD is the only thing that helps bursitis and makes the arthritis in her hands better and she doesn’t know what she would do without it…she made it sound as though she had a terrible secret. Then she started in on how people go to prison for buying pot and that she didn’t want to get locked up…and what if her mahjong club found out?


She didn’t even understand that CBD is LEGAL or that it IS legal because it is derived from hemp with the psycho-active compound (THC) removed. All this time she thought she and her neighbor may be arrested…just for wanting to treat their pain and inflammation with a plant extract instead of a prescription. I tried to console her (while Maury the CBD Guy just sat there smiling) by reinforcing that there is no problem with her taking or buying CBD.


Newsflash Gram – CBD is Legal in all 50 states. You can travel with it and can carry it in your luggage without worry. You may have it in your purse or carry it in your pocket. You can buy it online, or in a brick and mortar, even some cafes are starting to carry smoothies and drinks with CBD in them.


I could tell her embarrassment was subsiding and her calm returned (hmmm-how fast do those dabs work?). Suddenly she blurts out, “NANA has been using CBD capsules to help her sleep for over a year.” Boom! Grandma throws Nana under the CBD bus. Isn’t it amazing what you can see and learn about your family when you slide by for an impromptu visit to check on Grandma?


Just about then Maury’s phone rang and he was out the door. After he had gone, I gave Grams a HempWise card – reassuring me that she could meet her CBD needs on-time, every-time. I then reassured her, that that CBD was legal and that every CBD product could be delivered to anyone, by anyone to anywhere in the entire U.S.


* Update: Effective 2/1/2019 the FDA has temporarily reversed its decision to categorize CBD under the diet supplement umbrella. It is now requiring approval of CBD, by the FDA as a food additive before it is used in edibles. Federal agents in CA have begun to enforce this rule. This is a fluid situation. We will keep this blog updated as the situation evolves.


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