All’s Well That Ends Well

It can be a drag getting old sometimes. I mean I’m not ancient or anything (early 40s), I’ve still got game. Sometimes the body just isn’t up to every challenge; case in point. I work in an office building with mostly twenty somethings. One afternoon, after work, we all rode the elevator down together, like we always do. We were making small talk, and just as we got to the lobby and approached the doors to exit the building we saw it…fast moving – ripping, sideways rain. Oh the joy of being a Floridian in the summer.


I’m typically a wait it out kind of guy. Today though, was not typical.  Crowds of people (half my age), were making mad dashes to their cars, bounding across the parking lot, laughing all the way to their car doors. So I thought “what the hell” I’m going to go for it. So off I went, like greased lightning. Waving as I passed people on the way to MY car. I only had to close 10 more feet of distance and I was home free.


The next few rainy seconds play in my mind like slow motion. My foot came up and then down on the curb of a parking lot island. Hit it just right too, caught it right on the edge. My foot then proceeded to fold in half at the ankle; I instantly knew it was bad.  I launched headfirst into my car. Wet and wounded. It was extremely unpleasant. As I looked up I saw a few of my coworkers staring at me. Needless to say- my pride took a beating as well.


Our office secretary, Janine, rushed to my aid. She drove me to the emergency room, even waited with me, turned out I had an extremely sprained ankle and superficial lacerations. A little bruising here and there (nothing as bad as my pride though) – all in all; in one piece. As Janine drove me home, she asked if I’d ever heard of CBD. I said I’d seen advertising on the Internet, but never gave it much thought.


She insisted we swing by her place because she had just purchased some CBD hemp salve and wanted me to try it. I was definitely game; by now my ankle was the size of a tennis ball. I was in a lot of pain, and the emergency room doctor only gave me Motrin 3. Janine explained to me first and foremost that CBD hemp oil and hemp products are legal,which was my first concern. She was very enthusiastic while touting the amazing CBD hemp oil benefits. She also assured me that CBD hemp oil side effects were negligible.


After about 15 minutes, I was astounded at how it reduced the pain and inflammation in my ankle so quickly. We talked for a while, and she explained how to use CBD oil to me. See also said she had a good CBD oil hook up in CBD HempWise. She said they have quality CBD hemp oil extract that is cost-effective CBD hemp oil. She assured me they had some of the best CBD on the market at a very competitive price. I was most happy to learn I could purchase CBD oil online. Janine said she knew I would like that.


That was a couple months ago, and CBD really helped me through that tough time. What does CBD oil feel like when you ingest it you might ask? You don’t get high from it, but it has amazing anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.


That sprained ankle turned out to be a blessing. Not because of the CBD, although I have made it a part of my daily regimen to combat anxiety, and it is AMAZING. No, the blessing part is that Janine and I began dating, and are getting married next spring. All’s well that ends well, that’s what I always say.


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