CBD Infused Honey

INFUSED for Maximum CBD Relief and Inflammation Reduction? Tasty and Legal? Guaranteed to KEEP the whole crew Sober and NOT needing a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card? Suitable for delivering the “perfect” CBD bump to our March Madness Mocktails?



Suddenly, I realized these were not really questions my (visiting) best bud Brent was asking. Instead they were reasons. Reasons of why we should infuse some honey with CBD. He recently saw a guy use a crock pot to do it and he was dying to play mad scientist and replicate it…at my place. Since he flew 1500 miles with 3 kids to see me AND brought the CBD with him, how could I say no? I was so happy to see his face. He even found time to watch basketball with me, twice.



Our conversation is always so interesting because our lives are dramatically juxtaposed. He is an athletic guy with 3 small kids, an uptight wife and a seriously responsible job. I am a single artist that quietly creates from home in my Batman slippers. My kids are older and many states away. We are 2 people in completely different zones – yet somehow we express the same concerns for the future. Worry about family health (we both have an aging parent with a chronic disease) that looms. We constantly console each other over rising healthcare costs. When his 3rd kid was born; he became King of Homeopathic Remedies. He was always trying to find affordable alternatives to doctor’s office visits for prescriptions and crazy expensive drugs.



He discovered CBD and Hemp Oil in 2016. I realize now that he changed both our lives for the better from that day forward. When the 2018 Farm Bill passed and CBD became legal in all 50 states in December…we talked on the phone for an hour. Now it is March and he is at my door, pocket full of tasty CBD oils, ready to infuse some honey & talk hemp (well-mostly talk basketball). We did talk about isolate vs. extract and agreed to use a decarboxylated extract that was not cut with additional oil. (This helps retain the rich viscosity of the honey). Here’s how our infusing went.


We assembled:

  • 2 cups of good quality honey
  • 750mg. CBD (Brent loves the Concentrated Blend Gold Label oil from cbdhempwise.com)
  • 2 cup glass mason jar with a tight fitting lid
  • Cheesecloth
  • Plastic spoon
  • Crock pot or slow cooker


Push cheesecloth into jar (like a pouch with flaps out) and put CBD isolate or extract in the bottom. Pour honey over CBD. Twist cheesecloth closed and secure. Screw lid on jar, but do not tighten. Put jar in Crock Pot. Pour in enough water to go just over½ way up the jar. Turn Crock Pot to low. Infuse honey for 8 hours on low. Turn heat off and remove Crock Pot lid. Cool honey jar for 4 hours. Remove jar from Crock Pot. Using your plastic spoon – Carefully lift the cheesecloth from jar squeezing the honey out of cheesecloth and back into the jar. Stir gently. Seal jar tightly. I refrigerate mine so it does not crystallize. Opinions vary. CBD honey is great drizzled on biscuits or over cream cheese. After dropping Bret at the airport, I returned home and saw my girl adding CBD Honey to her hot tea. She poured me a cup as well. We had a nice, calm & laid back, Netflix and chill evening! I owe you one Brent.


Concentrated Blend – Gold Label CBD Oil (250mg, 750mg, 2500mg),Premium Hemp; no Extra Plant Parts or Additives

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