After spending WAAAY too much time this week looking for a CBDelicious Valentine gift for my Sweetest. I felt inspired to reminisce about the path down CBD lane we took as a couple, in search of healthier living and a higher level of serenity. As with all good things, we stumbled upon CBD (we first tried the cocoas) after visiting an elderly veteran acquaintance in 2016. He was using CBD cocoas to control anxiety, agoraphobia and the equally debilitating symptoms of PTSD. That was the beginning of a beautiful thing. We became fast friends with Bob and SUPERFANS of CBD.


Since then we have enjoyed lots of CBD edibles and I always loved the taste and convenience of the gummies. For me, it felt like it was an easy and discreet way to chill out. We were pretty familiar with our CBD product options and the different doses available, but by the time I had grown to love the convenience and taste of the TASTY Drop Gummies, it became apparent that my girl did not get the same level of relaxation from edibles as I did.


She went back to her daily CBD tincture regime; and I was reminded it REALLY is true, not all people will experience the same effects with the same dose. However, the thing we like most about CBD is whether trying a new product or adjusting your current dose, you don’t have to worry about side effects-(unless you take a TOO LARGE dose of CBD oil). Even in that case, the “tummy rumble” you might experience, is from the all-natural oil, not the CBD.


Having said all that…I am still compelled to find CBD Chocolate to GIVE My Girl for Valentine’s Day.
*A TREAT That Will Conveniently & QUICKLY Meet her CBD NEEDS. *TASTES GREAT and


It took me a week-a very mellow week I must say. I bought 2 bars, starting with an Artisan Dark Chocolate bar. The bar was easily broken into 4 pieces. Each square had 15mg. of CBD. It was creamier than I expected and had a definite heirloom cacao flavor. I ate two squares and it was GREAT, all day! But – would it be strong enough for her? $24.99. A definite taste contender-but is this the one?


Next I looked at Good Vibes- it’s a 60% cacao CBD bar-it is highly rated but 5mg. per square is not what I want. I also saw IRIS CBD Chocolates. They are individual pieces of 3 mg of CBD Chocolate- so not for me, but still NOTED them for my Nana because they are sugar-free. 125-gram pack was $27.99.


After no luck, and with V. day looming, I opened the other Artisan Dark Chocolate Bar. It was as good as the first one but even smoother with a little nutty flavor.  I liked the taste a lot and I also liked the little resealable storage bag that came with it. The bar had 4 pcs, but each square contains 30mg. of CBD.


What? That was twice as much CBD as the other one. Wait a minute. This may be the Chocolate Bar for her. At under $35, I was happy until I decided to search online for reviews…THEN I WAS THRILLED! Artisan Chocolate Bars won PureGreenLiving’s TOP HONORABLE MENTION for Best CBD Chocolate.


Yup-that made the decision for me Artisan’s Dark Chocolate Bar is 120mg of PURE CBD LOVE!


Looks like somebody is getting lucky this February 14th!

Therapeutic – CBD Chocolate (60-120mg) Organic, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract


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