CBD–Serendipity Baby

So – a few weeks ago my crew and I bounced to my niece’s college basketball game. The first half was brutal, they were down by 30 points (30 POINTS) and things weren’t looking too good. I headed to the concession stand at halftime and that’s when it happened. Trying to squeeze past some sweet old lady, I lost my balance. I desperately reached for the hand railing as I begin to fall. I missed by a mile. My pride and I hit those concrete steps pretty hard. I was in one piece, no blood or anything, but I twisted my ankle pretty bad and wound up in the emergency room for the last half of the game. It turned out to be just a sprain. The doctor gave me a prescription for painkillers.


My stomach doesn’t tolerate pain medication very well and I don’t particularly like the high and drowsiness associated with them. I decided to try some CBD because I heard it could relieve pain without changing your state of mind. Don’t laugh, but I didn’t even know how to use CBD oil. I wanted to know everything before I ingested a new substance. I had a lot of time to surf the web with a bum ankle. I wanted to know the best CBD oil to buy. To achieve the maximum CBD hemp oil benefits – I needed good CBD oil.


I also needed cheap CBD oil and a trustworthy CBD oil connection. Turns out my sister had the 411. She had heard about CBD HempWise from one of her college friends. I decided to give them a try. I ordered their Endoca hemp salve, and immediately rubbed it on my ankle. While rubbing it in I noticed a pleasant citrus scent. The therapeutic aroma was soothing and the pain started to dissipate within just a few minutes. I also grabbed some Hemp cooling muscle rub, with 500 mg of CBD. I strained my calf muscle during the fall and the rub helps reduce the stiffness and soreness.


Being laid up for a couple weeks is never fun, especially for an active person such as myself. It did, however, give me time to blog in this CBD forum. I’m thankful for the benefits of CBD oil and March madness of course; they’re both “serendipity baby.” I’ve got to have my basketball. Countdown to the final four (GO Wolverines). If you’re wondering where to buy CBD oil online, look no further than CBD Hempwise. They’ll hook you up with real CBD hemp oil extract. CBD is legal and there are no CBD hemp oil side effects. Experience the benefits of CBD oil for yourself – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I sure was.


But what about my nieces game?! Well, you’ll never believe it. The girls turned it around during the second half. They “schooled” their rival team by a bucket, sunk at the buzzer. Nothing but net I’m told. And just who, you might ask, made the epic winning shot. It was my totally awesome niece! That kids amazing.



Made By Hemp – Cooling CBD Muscle Rub (500mg), Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Fast Relief from Pain, Inflammation, Sore Muscles & Joints


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