CBD Purity & Safety

Every fall it’s the same story. Family and friends in the North brag about the majestic colored leaves, cool winds and warm recipes. Meanwhile, I am in Florida just begging to be greeted by the first cool breeze of November…and then it happened – yesterday. I opened the door and felt an invigorated breath of cold. It was a rush of cool air! It should have been expected; since daylight savings kicked in our days are shorter now. “Get out and enjoy it,” I think to myself, as I hop into the shower. Unfortunately, on the way to the shower (since I was naked) I decided to hop on the bathroom scale. Jeez, that was a bad mistake. My day was immediately side-tracked. Last week when I blogged about wanting to lose 20 lbs. – it was going to be one of my 2 New Year’s Resolutions. Now, the only way I could accept the number on that scale, was if I were a bear readying for hibernation. There is no way that waiting for New Year’s is going to work for me I thought. I’ll start losing tomorrow, I promised myself. I made a produce list while I shaved.


Once home from the market, the fruits and veggies got wiped off and stacked in a fancy bowl. As I rearranged them, I started reading the little stickers of origin. The vine ripe tomatoes & avocadoes were from Mexico. The Chiquita bananas came from Guatemala and the Beefsteak Tomato was a product of Canada. I only bought one thing that was grown in the U.S. It was a Gala apple from northern MI. It figures. With me on one side of the sink and the produce on the other, I felt worried. With so many food (beef) recalls, Hep A. and stories of food contamination; food safety and product purity are a REAL concern.


Here I am, trying to make my body healthier. How do I know who to trust? How do I really know what I am getting, whether it is my groceries or my CBD? Who can I trust for my CBD needs? These are relevant, important questions since my #2 resolution is to start daily dosing CBD oil. After finding CBD HempWise’s store in 2018, my sporadic use of CBD products has helped me overcome chronic insomnia. It’s now 18 months later and I see daily dosing of CBD as the path to attaining a higher level of well-being. Part of my decision to start a daily CBD oil routine in 2020, is based on the increased availability of CBD in my area.


My trust has always been in CBD HempWise. They have not let me down. Since safety and purity are top concerns – I appreciate their well-founded partners. It puts my mind at ease knowing that CBD Hempwise sells only products from reliable, hand-picked companies and that each product is lab tested for both purity and CERTIFIED POTENCY. The added benefit of 3rd party lab results makes me feel confident that CBD HempWise has my back.


Now if I could just source more organically grown local produce.


Extra Strength | Full Spectrum Hemp Extract ,CBD Tincture (1oz, 1000mg CBD), Grapeseed Oil, MCT Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil,Organic and Natural Flavors, Stevia, Terpenes

CBD Enriched- Complete Skin Care Kit

CBD Botanicals

As a merchandiser for a small company, my work trips are often impromptu and unpredictable. I have to deal with various climates and that can wreak havoc on my complexion. Dry, windy or hot climates can trigger chapping, drying or blotchy patches. I have extremely sensitive skin, so it doesn’t take much to leave it looking uneven. My mother is aware of my skin issue and knows I’m always looking for quality skin care products. She showed up at my door a couple of weeks ago with lunch in one hand and a CBDHempWise box in the other. As she handed me my sweet and sour chicken (my favorite) I peeked in the HempWise box to see what else she brought me.


Inside, I found a CBD Skin Care kit. Mom first purchased the Abinoid Botanicals CBD Face Serum online from CBDHempWise. She loved the smell and said it left her skin invigorated and hydrated. When she found out that there was a complete 4-step CBD Skin Care Kit. She thought of me and bought it for my May birthday. She decided to give it to me early. She had purchased a kit for herself as well and said it was so good, she couldn’t wait. She really raved about it. Let me tell you, I am down for anything that will rejuvenate my face and skin. I couldn’t wait to give it a try.


I’ve been using the kit for about two weeks now. I am so excited to report on my initial results. So far, the CBD skincare routine has drastically improved the texture of my sensitive skin. It is smoother, less red and I can even get away without base make up. The Abinoid Botanicals line has left my skin more even (less blotchy). It has a healthier glow, my skin feels incredible. At www.cbdhempwise.com they explain an easy 4 step routine.


You start with the Aloe and Yarrow cleanser (the foaming action is awesome). Then the calming Aloe & Red Clover Toner is next. Follow that with the silky, soothing, Hemp & Blue Chamomile CBD serum (100mg.). Finally, it’s all encompassed by a Lemon Myrtle & Sandalwood face and body moisturizer. It’s rich in oxidants and omega fatty acids and formulated to keep all the CBD goodness sealed in – and air-borne skin irritants blocked out. I’ve added CBD skin rejuvenating Botanicals to my daily regimen for good, my skin loves it.


However, the even happier part of this tale is the inadvertent benefits. It has helped keep my adult acne at bay, which was an extremely pleasant surprise. The CBD face serum provides a steady, daily dose of CBD. So, not only did I notice a decrease in my overall anxiety every day; my sleep improved. I fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer. The benefits of CBD oil really are amazing and seemingly endless. All’s well that ends well and the moral of the story is simple: MOM REALLY DOES KNOW BEST.


CBD Enriched- Complete Skin Care Kit

The Power Of Cbd And Bioavailability

Let’s face it – we are experiencing a modern day Gold Rush…only this time CBD is the GOLD. The incredible potential for curing symptoms and treating diseases without dangerous drugs or worry of addiction is EXPONENTIAL! Just like the 1849 California Gold Rush significantly altered the first half of the 19th century; the 2019 CBD Rush is here to alter the 21st century. With CBD proving to be a panacea for so many sufferers, why has it taken so long for this EUREKA moment to occur?


I believe the most resistance comes from “old school” cannabis attitudes. Visions of hippies, free love and visions of burn outs lying in the grass are etched in the mind of history. Yet at the same time, the fastest growing sector of CBD consumers, are those same 55+ people. That is, folks that are sick and tired of being sick and tired. CBD trials will further flourish when myths are dispelled (it is not illegal and does NOT get you high) old stigmas attached to cannabis, die out. We get closer every day. In the absence of that shame, discoveries associated with all cannabinoid plant extracts will thrive. CBD is only ONE of over 100 phytocannobinoid extracts shown to deliver unbelievable results & promise in clinical trials.


We have seen staggering documentation supporting claims that CBD has the power to act as an:

  • Antiemetic (reduces nausea and vomiting)
  • Anticonvulsant (suppressing seizures)
  • Anti-inflammatory (mitigates inflammatory disorders)
  • Antitumoral (fights tumor and cancer cells)
  • Anxiolytic (Combats anxiety and depression)
  • Antioxidant (tempers neurodegenerative disorders)
  • Antipsychotic (mediates psychotic disorders)


I am a relative newbie when it comes to CBD. My CBD successes had been limited to treating migraines with our CBDfx Gummies (I love the 5mg.) and healing road rash using CBD Muscle Relief after a fall off my bike. Actually, now that I think about it, I used some CBD face care products last year when I first started at CBD HempWise in December. I worked here almost 2 weeks when the temperature dropped low – my stress went up high- and I caught a cold. My face was torn up from nose blowing, steaming above a pan of water and wicked dehydration.


I did not even want to show up on Friday – when I got there my boss offered up a bag with the Abinoid Botanicals cleanser, toner and serum. I took it home and by Sunday night I looked and felt 1000% better. It did leave me wondering. If I feel so much better right now- then why not try CBD every day? It is legal in all 50 states. CBD can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. Plus, CBD products offer such an outstanding variety of products and flavors; that it is impossible to find one you don’t love. No matter which CBD choice you make – each product is specifically formulated to improve health and enhance well-being.


As I think back on the CBD face care products, it reminds me how many different ways there are to ingest CBD. Pain sufferers seem to lean towards topical CBD salves and patches (applied right ON the troubled areas to target relief) & avoid the stomach, while the little gummy bears are perfect for anxiety support. Today, I am not sure that I am sold on the necessity of routinely consuming CBD, but I tell you what…try & stop me when I need some fast, healing help.
You may just hear me yell “EUREKA – We’ve Struck Gold! CBD GOLD.” Now, I like the prospect of that.


CBD Enriched- Complete Skin Care Kit


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