Raw Wax Dab (300mg CBD),Proprietary blend of Cannibidiol (CBD), Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin


Raw Wax Dab

300 mg. CBD
1g – Unflavored

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Some of our customers that experience trouble swallowing or holding CBD oil under the tongue, have found the DAB version of our Premium Gold formula concentrate is the perfect solution. Dabbing involves heating a serving (small rice sized piece) of CBD wax by placing it in a heated coil dabbing pen.*
Once you heat the concentrate it turns the wax to vapor and is easily and calmly inhaled. Discreet dosing that provides an on-the-spot-dose of 8-9 mg. of PURE CBD wax concentrate that is absorbed instantly!

• No oil to swallow
• No smoke
• Nothing to eat
• Easy To Adjust Dose – No dosing concerns**

Most folks find that a rice-sized piece, twice a day, gives them all day and into the night relief from pain due to inflammation, helps with anxiety control and just generally improves overall well-being and calm.
If you find that you experience any stomach distress, just scale back the size of wax dab you are using. Or try and use it once a day. Experiment until you find what works for your metabolism and gives you the Calm, Focused, coverage you need – whenever YOU want it – At your fingertips.

This high quality Raw Wax Dabwas created for our customers who recognize quality and demand purity.

Proprietary blend of Cannibidiol (CBD), Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin

*Dabbing Pen or Rig Not Included
**If you notice any stomach upset (this IS an oil based product) just scale back your dose.


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