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It never fails. I am always so excited for fall and winter to get here…until the first day the chapped lips show up. Chapped lips are my brain’s signal that says “bye-bye beach glow” and “hello dry, rough winter skin.”The burning, peeling lips are usually followed by red, ruddy cheeks and a Rudolph nose. If I don’t treat it aggressively in the first few days, it quickly spreads like a creeping crud. Rough patches in and around my eyebrows, hair line and ears appear. For years I treated it with over the counter steroid creams, but eventually they stopped working. Then my barber mentioned applying tea tree oil. It is very effective but I am not fond of the way it smells. Ever hopeful for advances in skin calming products, I constantly scan beauty aide reviews. Imagine my delight to see the latest CBD HempWise’s catalog in the break room at work. Right on the cover was a photo of the Abinoid Botanicals CBD Skincare line. I looked at product descriptions and sizes of the bottles. I felt the cost was comparable to my Clinique routine. PLUS the Hemp Oil skincare products have a huge added BONUS-delivering CBD. What an easy way to increase your CBD bioavailability. My goal is to control skin irritation by having CBD available in my system BEFORE flare-ups get a jumpstart.

When I read up on hemp oil and its positive effects on hair and skin, I was impressed. The natural humectant properties of CBD are impressive, but it is the detoxifying nature of hemp that sold me. I bought the CBD Hemp Oil Skincare products to give them a try. I also added a Tasty Hemp Oil Lip Balm.They are a steal at $3 (same price as Burt’s but lasts longer). I love that it has no scent, yet tastes great. Since CBD HempWise offers free shipping on orders of $99 or more….the whole box of CBD Hemp Oil Skincare kit (4 bottles of product) showed up at my door for $125 + tax.

My skin is very sensitive. It is also both oily and dry. Normally when I change my skincare routine, I try to add one new item at a time.That way if I experience a reaction, there is no question. I easily know which product is the offender. This time, I was too excited to do that. My face needs healing and calming attention now. I lined up my new skincare regime on the bathroom counter.Cleanser,Toner,Serum and the Moisturizer. Staring at them, I wondered. Can there BE a more invigorating way to start my day? What can I achieve by adding a little bump of CBD into my morning skin care routine? As I blog my healing process – I will focus on these areas of interest: Were these products easy to use? Did they cause irritation or breakouts? Do the products rinse clean? Is there any visible result/improvement in skin from the addition of a topical CBD treatment?

Today I have more curiosity than answers…but the next time we meet; it will be a different story!

Tasty Hemp Lip Balm- Hemp Seed Oil, Safflower Oil, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera

CBD Enriched- Complete Skin Care Kit

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