low THC content and affordability

This entry aims to summarize the literature available on cannabinoid use. I am specifically interested in the non-psychotropic drug cannabidiol (CBD) because of its low THC content and affordability. As we all age, our environment seems to grow increasingly toxic. More of us than ever are touched by the big C – Cancer. As caretakers of our families, we strive to be aware of all the tools available to assist in the battle. Finding sufficient pain relief and increasing the appetite is all it takes for someone who is battling cancer to rebound and want to rejuvenate after chemo or radiation treatments. That was what it took for my stepfather, a hard-ass vet that got sprayed with Agent Orange month after month while he was serving as a corpsman in Vietnam.


I believe my stepfather managed to live 3 extra months due to his cannabidiol drops. His CBD use allowed me to wait until after Mother’s Day to call in hospice. It was trial and error to find a CBD oil cancer dosage. We used the CBD patches to ease his back pain and added 10mg of the concentrated Gold Label CBD extract (2x) twice a day to eradicate the nausea and improve his well-being. My brother was the one that found the CBD salve. We used it on his feet when he needed a pick me up. It had a nice peppermint waft when you opened the tin. Towards the end he would only open his eyes & smile when he smelled the salve. Thank goodness…it also provided him with sleep. Not fitful resting – but actual deep, calm sleep.


If we would have told him he had to smoke a joint to stay alive. Nope. He would have declined because he hated marijuana-it reminded him of Vietnam and all the suffering. The smell of pot would have triggered a sick response and that would have defeated the whole purpose. The idea of hemp oil was okay with him. He was interested in feeling better-not getting high. I think there are many people who are looking for that same result. How else could a plant extract like CBD see such exponential growth and acceptance in such a short time?
My family is not the only one experiencing amazing things from adding CBD into their lives. There are currently more than 15 large universities around the globe either forming clinical trials or compiling results from very recent 1 & 2 year studies on CBD as it relates to cancer. Preliminary results from one newly published Jan. 2019 research journal were released by Cambridge University’s Biomedical campus in the U.K. This blind test study of cancer survivors supported the theory of the important role of cannabinoids. They serve in cutting short or (many times) preventing the adverse side effects of chemotherapy including organ toxicity, pain and loss of appetite. Results of a companion study on topical CBD (as an analgesic) were harder to validate so they have extended that study to run through June.


This is outstanding news for patients, families and friends. CBD can pose as an option for those in the final stages of illness & work well for those that have a stigma against smoking marijuana. In 1937 the United States enacted the Marijuana Tax Act, (prohibiting all use of cannabis on a federal level). The government has had a steady revenue stream from criminalizing a therapeutic plant and negatively changing public opinion. It is time to reverse those lies and all that nonsense. WE need to encourage leaders and politicians to EMBRACE THE HEMP and vote YES on Pro-Hemp legislation and push for faster FDA approvals.


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